What might be possible…


if you did business
as though you actually belonged
to the living world?

It’s pitch dark.
There’s no moon. You can’t find your map. The ground shifts beneath your feet. You grope tentatively to detect sure footing… or the edge of a cliff.

Welcome to the mess. The Anthropocene. The PolyCrisis World. Now that you’re here, how will you navigate an endlessly shifting landscape? Climate weirding. Head-spinning business and technology disruption. Disorienting and disturbing political turmoil. Culture wars. A pandemic era. The most unstable geopolitical situation since the heart of the Cold War. In other words, "There be dragons here!"
"The biggest competitive advantage this century will belong to those able to see through the fog, and to see the reefs and clear channels that the fog obscures for their competitors. How will you nurture your organization’s capacity to navigate?"
For Companies
Discover, create, and capture "massive" economic, strategic, and brand value.
For Cities
Climate plans and economic development strategies for the future we want.
For Leaders
Trimtab for Trimtabs™—
A different kind of coaching,
for a different kind of leader.
What might be possible…
…if you could find the path to both real contribution
AND massive value?

We'll help you discover, create, and capture the strategic, economic, and brand value
disclosed by a rigorous, purpose-driven approach grounded in the 3.8 billion years of open-source R&D offered to us as a gift of the living systems of Earth that undergird the global economy—and all we hold dear.
Are your business and sustainability goals sufficient to the challenges we face? Is your strategy like to deliver on those goals?
Could you, or your team, benefit from having a thought leader in your corner?
Or "a different kind of coaching…for a different kind of leader,"

On-demand sustainability microlearning in 15 languages. Get your entire workforce aware, equipped, and aligned for a much smaller investment than you ever imagined possible.
Proven approaches.
Proven results.
        "What Gil did was bring order to the chaos. We had the right individual pieces but without the cohesiveness that we needed. Once we got the cohesiveness, then it made it very simple to lay out a strategic roadmap that everybody could rally behind and bring everybody together.
        "It went from abstract road map to practical implementation led by direct labor in the factories. Not by me, or not by Gil, but by people on the line that are actually taking responsibility at the point of execution."
 - Marty Neese, COO, Sunpower
What sorts of results?
  • The Head of Strategy for multi-billion B2B company said the opportunity we identified represented "massive" value. We asked: "How massive?" He responded: "About as big as our total global revenue!"
  • A city council that always voted 5-4 (except when they voted 4-5), approved our economic development strategy 9-0—and won the Governor's award from a governor of the other party.
  • A Fortune 500 manufacturing company declared that just one of eight breakout groups (in the first of three breakout rounds) generated three times their investment in our two-day Sustainability FrameWorkShop™ for 80 product managers and engineers. (Just one of eight. In the first of three rounds. Do the math.)
  • One CEO called his work with us "one of the best business investments I've made—ever!"
Our approach is simple yet powerful.
Clarity of Purpose
"What are we really here to do?"
"Who are we really here to serve?"

Hint:: Profit isn't your purpose. It's the result of delivering on your purpose.
"Waste"? Not!
Physical "waste" of course—the "non-product" that dominates our economies.

And the "coordination waste" that bedevils every one of our organizations.
Language ACTION
Speak, listen, and manage to enable a clear line of sight that connects everyone’s action with a compelling shared vision—and astounding results.
Unmatched experience.

At your service.

 Led by pioneer and provocateur Gil Friend—
"and colleagues way smarter than me!"

"One of the top ten sustainability voices in the US."
- The Guardian.
 "One of the most creative thinkers I know
in sustainable business."

- Joel Makower,
  Executive Chairman, GreenBiz.com
"One of the best business investments I've made. Ever."
Just a few of our clients:
The challenge:
Reinventing the economy of an entire planet.
In one generation!
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