World-changing is tough work!
(It's even tougher trying to tough it out on your own.)
Keeping focused. Mobilizing teams. Taking care. Moving the needle. Building impact. Escaping overwhelm and burnout. Not settling for "being realistic" when the world needs so much more.

That's why I'm increasingly working one-on-one with leaders and emerging leaders—executives and activists, founders and investors, entrepreneurs and creators.

People like you—trimtabs! The small rudder…that turns the big rudder…that turns a ship so big…that the big rudder is impossible to move directly.

That’s what you do—you find the ways to turn the ship. I help you find ways to turn you.

YOU'RE a trimtab. I'm YOUR trimtab.

"One of the best business investments I've made, ever."
- Mitch Ratcliffe, Publisher, Earth911, Inc., Partner, Metaforce
For leaders and emerging leaders.

Especially for people focused on climate, sustainability, "ESG," regeneration, and impact.

Focused on a world that works. And on the transformation of everything.

For trimtabs. For you?

 With Gil F riend:

Sustainability OG
CEO / CSO / Board Director
Strategic Advisor
Global Keynote Speaker
Kickass Coach

"One of the top 10
sustainability voices in the US."

- The Guardian
Are you ready to
kick up your game?

To dramatically boost
your effectiveness, impact, and peace of mind?

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