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"One of the best business investments I've made, ever."
- Mitch Ratcliffe, Publisher, Earth911, Inc., Partner, Metaforce
For leaders and emerging leaders.

Especially for people focused on climate, sustainability, regeneration, "ESG," and impact.

On a world that works. And on the transformation of everything.

For trimtabs. For you?

 From Gil Friend:

Sustainability OG
CEO / CSO / Board Director
Strategic Advisor
Global Keynote Speaker
Kickass Coach

"One of the top 10 sustainability voices in the US."

- The Guardian
Are you ready to kick up your game?
To dramatically boost your effectivness, impact, and peace of mind?
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Are you ready—for the next step – in your career, and in your life’s purpose?

To clarify, elevate, and advance both your company’s and your personal sustainability goals?

To move them into effective action?

To do that with more power, presence, and peace of mind?

The key: the relationship between what you care about, what you're committed to, what you do and say (to others and to yourself) about those commitments, and the moods that pervade all these.

Are you ready
To be challenged and supported?

To boost both your effectiveness and equanimity in the challenging times ahead?

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We'll get to the heart of:
  • your commitments,
  • what's in the way of fulfilling them, and
  • what you can do to advance them.

And we'll decide together whether you and I are a good fit for working together!
I only work with a few personal coaching clients at a time…
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